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MAN UP – A true authentic man

Manliness – the traditional male quality of being brave and strong.

Macho – a man who is aggressively proud of his masculinity.

Authentic – True, Actual, Genuine, bona-fide (Reliable, Dependable, Faithful, Trustworthy) true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character, sincere with no pretensions

Question: are these qualities to be proud of or disparaged? Better question, does society encourage these attributes or frown upon them when considering the development of young men? What if the man in question is also, good, honest and compassionate. Having all the qualities mentioned above, could such a man even exist in today’s world? Yesterday, I interviewed author Scott Schuler. The title of his book is, MAN-UP. It may come as little surprise that I have strong opinions on this topic, so here we go!

Podcast of the interview with Scott Schuler:

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I would like to thank Scott Schuler for taking the time to do the interview and his insights in writing this very important book. I would also like to thank his wife, Brenda for providing the support and encouragement through the project; as well as the love that enabled him to become the man he is today.
At the beginning of the interview I tried to sum up Scott’s book with the word, accountability. Yet it is so much more than that. I have been in the financial planning industry in one form or another for most of my life. When considering candidates for hire, I would look for three things in a person’s past to guide me. If they had one of these traits, they would most likely be a good employee or sales person. If they had two they would be great and if they had all three they would be a superstar! What were these qualities. 1) They were a successful athlete. 2) They grew up on a working farm. 3) They served in and were honorably discharged from military service. When I had a guy who was a, 2 or 3 this vetting never failed me, not once! Now obviously someone could have never participated in any of these things and still be not only a great employee but also a great human being. That said, when thinking about a guy who you could say yes to 1,2 or 3 what qualities come to mind?… In years gone by, the concept of a, GOOD MAN was for the most part universally understood without the need for gratuitous words and descriptions. However, in today’s world of gender neutrality, relativism and political correctness, the concept celebrating the male gender has not only been lost but is very possibly maligned. For this reason alone, Scott Schuler’s book becomes a very interesting and intriguing read. Dare I say, must read!

I knew the moment I met scott in person I would like him. Scott is obviously a man’s man, something that I find enormously compelling. Yet, his personality is very disarming in the way that his appearance and his warmth are nearly at odds with one another. On the one hand, he looks like he just jumped off his Harley from a cross country trek and would throw down with you in a heartbeat if it became necessary. On the other hand, from the minute he opens his mouth you perceive his intelligence, warmth and thoughtfulness. Something, that you were simply not prepared for. I walked into the studio and there he was. I said, Scott Schuler! He said Todd, and reached out his hand and gave me a huge smile. He offered a firm and solid handshake, this alone might have told me everything I needed to know. Whatever happened to the days when fathers taught their sons how to offer a firm handshake (put err in the vice) as opposed to the weak, wimpy noodle crap we get today, I digress… We spoke prior to the interview. When we started talking I could tell he was a little nervous, nevertheless we had instant rapport. I would ask him a question and each time I did, I noticed that he would pause to consider my question and then thoughtfully answer. He did not simply blurt out an answer before I finished posing the question (something that is so typical when someone is nervous) he actually thought about what he was going to say before he said it. Wow, his intellect and confidence immediately became apparent. He then started talking about his wife, his sons and his father. Ok, say no more I love this guy!

MAN UP is a book about doing what you say you are going to do because it is the right thing to do. It’s a book about strength and honor because, that’s what good men aspire to actualize in their lives. It is not about being tough, so you can beat people up. It is a book that celebrates strength of character in that when things get tough you MAN UP and you don’t walk away, especially when the people in your life need you the most. In his book, Scott describes what it means to MAN UP. He does this in graphic detail and real-life stories that we can all understand and be inspired by. Scott, was good enough to send me the manuscript prior to the interview which I must confess I was not able to complete (got through two-thirds) prior to yesterday’s interview. However, I did do what I always do when I am reading a book which I consider to be significant. If you could see the printed-out manuscript in my office, you would see all the places I have highlighted. If you looked closely you would also see all the places where my tears dripped down on the pages, his words are heartfelt, relatable and very emotional. The lessons are meaningful and through the stories he tells, they become unforgettable. You cannot help but contemplate the application in ones’ own personal life and aspire to do better.

I understand the audio book will be coming out shortly, you can bet I will be purchasing it. In typical fashion I will listen to it (start-to-finish) no less than ten times. I do this with all valued material. Doing this illuminates the portions I previously highlighted in the physical book into my memory. It is as though I have just transcribed it on my brain and it becomes a part of my working knowledge. I know you are probably saying, this guy must really be dense, but I have learned that reading a book a couple times will turn you on to the ideas, but you will rarely incorporate them into your life. When you have listened to the concepts to the point that they become like the words to a song you cannot help but begin to incorporate them into your life. Not unlike Scott Schuler, I love my wife and children dearly. I want my wife to be proud of me and to set the best example I can for my sons while I am still here. Frankly, I devour any information that will help me to improve and stuff like this you just can’t read or hear enough.

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I also did a show on September 16th (find it in the podcasts on-demand) that has much in common with these concepts. Considering the topic of Scott’s book you might also like this show a lot, or not 😊

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