MAN UP in Your Faith

Many men today often struggle with issues of faith because, on the surface, the life of faith can appear to conflict with their masculinity. Concepts of surrender, meekness, turning the other cheek, and laying down your life are often misconstrued as being weak. Newsflash: Jesus wasn’t a sissy. He was as bold and strong as He was compassionate and humble. He had an unwavering resolve and lived with tremendous self-control and dynamic power working simultaneously. He knew His authority, lived with passion, and He was never at the mercy of his accusers. No one made Him do anything but He made choices and responded to circumstances based on the goal He was after. He never hid from the opposition. He always stood up for the weak and offered His strength to those around Him. When necessary, He even used force.

Consider the time when Jesus addressed the money changers in the temple. He didn’t like the fact that they were taking advantage and stealing from innocent people. Jesus was going to put a stop to it and stand up for what was right. He has a tremendous zeal for the House of the Lord. Now, Jesus didn’t just walk into the temple like a harebrained madman flailing and screaming and flipping tables. It says in John 2 that when He saw what was happening, He made a whip out of cords. Think about that for a minute. How long does it take to weave a whip? From where did He get the cords? This wasn’t a knee jerk response, this was a carefully crafted plan to make sure 1. He was effective and 2. that this would never happen again. Jesus knew what He was doing. He was in complete control and did what it took to accomplish His goal.

“Scott has a passion to see men rise up and take the lead in their churches and homes. Listening to his story has inspired many and I’m honored to say I am one of those. He speaks words of truth we all need to hear!” –Kevin Wilson, The Crossing Church

When He did make His move, even though He was outnumbered there wasn’t a fight. We also don’t see anywhere that he actually attacked anyone. It says He “Drove them out.” This tells us that they didn’t even try to resist Him. Why not? Well, you and I both know that it takes a strong man to send a group of men running.

There are many instances where we see the strength of Jesus and his followers displayed in integrity and masculinity. Strength is as much a part of living a life of faith as anything else. In fact, the life of faith isn’t about a list of “do’s and don’ts” it’s about a life of surrender and being yeilded and using all the gifts God has given you to accomplish His will in your life.

No one expects you to be perfect. Sometimes the men in scripture missed the mark. Sometimes they struggled. But one common theme is that in spite of man’s frailty, God always gives us another chance to learn, grow, and MAN UP.

What does it mean to MAN UP in your faith?

  1. To MAN UP in your faith starts by taking responsibility and exploring where you have questions. It means being open to learn, grow, fall, and get back up.
  2. It means taking responsibility to set the example in your home and environment. Your family needs to see what it looks like to explore your faith. They need to see that it isn’t just knowing ABOUT God, it’s about knowing Him personally. When you know Him personally, it affects your actions in a positive way. They need to see you living according to your faith in sincerity, strength, and authenticity—even when it’s difficult.
  3. It means giving your children and family the freedom to explore faith on their own. Setting the example doesn’t mean forcing everyone to believe what you believe. Your kids need to see and understand why you believe what you believe, but they also need the freedom to ask questions and know why they believe what they believe. Draw them in, have a conversation, and learn together!
  4. It means staying connected to something bigger and greater than yourself. This could be a church or a group of strong, trusted men. We all need to be sharpened so we can grow and be more effective. We need mentors and coaches to be our best. We need a place where we can be poured into and where we can also pour into others. Manning up in your faith is a two-way street!
  5. It means doing what it takes to fulfill the mission. It means understanding your influence on those around you. Ultimately, it is choosing to do what is right, because it’s right and living in a way that honors God and draws those around you to Him.

Scott is a man who is real in his faith and in life. He has experienced the pain and the power of the church and relates that in a meaningful way to those around him. He serves his family and God with a desire to grow, press forward, and bring others with him on the journey. I would highly recommend him to speak or present to any church body that wants the freshness of a man whose life’s trajectory has been radically altered by God.” –Jim VonWald, New Life Church