Ragnar and Hope for Justice

Hey everybody. Quick a little video this morning on this … I don’t know what it’s doing where you’re at but here in Minnesota it’s kind of windy, kind of cool, and kind of rainy. My kind of weather. Good weather if you’re a duck. Anyway, title of this video is Ragnar and Hope For Justice. So those of you who don’t know … well let’s start this way. One of my views is that if we have a chance to stand up and make a difference, that’s part of what this whole man up thing is. It’s not just talking about and being a talking head about something, about issues, about things. It’s actually getting an action and doing something about it. There’s too many … look at all these celebrities that are out there saying, “Hey, I hope and I wish and I pray.” Yeah, you hope in one hand and you know what in the other and you know which is going to fill first.

So I’m all about doing something. So I’m going to do something. I’ve donated today. I got some buddies that are down in Texas running a Ragnar relay, which is an ungodly amount of miles that these guys are running which … for me, I’m not a runner. My body is not built for running. These guys are. Proud of them for putting themselves through what they’re putting through. And they’re trying to raise $50,000 dollars for Hope For Justice, which is an organization that helps with boots on the ground and finances to end trafficking of young girls and women, sex trafficking. And I think that’s a great reason to man up and to donate. You can donate however much or however little you want to donate, if you want to donate at all. But knowing that I have a little bit of a platform and I can help spread the word, I want to do something.

So I donated myself and I’ll put a link below that if you feel so led that you can donate as well. Yeah, I think anytime we can … here’s a couple things … on thing that I do know. There are times where people, us, you, me, anyone else, has time to give. We have skills, certain skills, physical skills, where we can be physically present and do it. I did it with Habitat for Humanity when I was in college. That’s one thing. Now there’s times where we’re not physically there, we’re not able to be there. We’re not able to get our hands dirty, so to speak, and actually do something physically. That’s where we can help with our finances.

The foundation that you’re going to be donating … the reason I like to donate there is 100% of the funds donates go directly to organization because the parent company covers all the administrative costs of doing it. So I’m going to put a link below and if it’s something where you say, “You know what, I don’t have the time I can give but I have $5 bucks.” I mean, every little bit is going to help. So proud of you guys, those guys, you know who they are. Ernie, Verik, Less, all you guys down … I don’t even know who all is running down there but I know there’s quite a few. I think Brian’s down there. Bear Talow, I think you’re down there. But anyway, yeah. Good job guys. I mean that’s truly the definition of what man up really is in my mind. And more power to you. So you all have a great rest of the day. Have a great weekend, safe weekend, and we’ll talk soon. Catch you later.