Mentoring…Influence…I’d rather be an Influencer than a Leader

Hey, everybody, so, did a post the other day about who’s the most influential, or the man that impacted you the most growing up over the years? There’s some really great responses as far as what that looks like. What that means. What struck me, there’s a couple things that struck me. Number one, is it wasn’t always a dad. Could have been a brother. Could have been just a man that stepped in and provided some input. I think as we…part of manning up is that piece of if you have the ability to pour into other peoples lives you should. It’s kinda like why did I write the book? What did I even get involved in this? It would have been a lot easier to enjoy the comfortable life that my wife and I had made four ourselves but if not me, then who?

I think what part of that manning up piece is, is looking at others that you can pour into, that you can help. That piece is that. That piece is where can I step in where I’m welcomed and pour into somebody’s else’s life? Show them what that looks like. What it looks like to have that meekness strength under control, not weakness. What that looks like to show strength with love. What that look likes to do all these different things that everybody talked about in that post with the most, the men that influenced them the most and we talked about the difference between an influencer and a leader. I think that’s important.

I’d rather be able to influence people than lead them. I’d rather be able to speak into their lives, have them think about it, reason on it and change something or do something because of their thought process not just because I told them to do it. I think that that’s the biggest piece for me is that. It’s, it really is, how can we influence others? How can we influence other men? How can we influence other young men? How can we influence, we call it the, I call it the Man Up Project, but quite honestly, sorry for some of the noise but we’re up at the lake and I had to do a quick video. It could be called the Human Up Project, and I think I’ve touched on this before because it really is what it is it look like to be a better human? Part of that is mentoring or influencing. When you look at the number of people that could use…I know a lot of guys who are, who have powerful insight, who have that ability and have that gift that they could do this.

Yeah, step up. Do it. I looked at all the comments and the impact that those men had on those peoples lives was amazing. I hope that someday I will have that same impact. That same influential impact on other young mens lives. Other…if I had daughters in my daughters lives. If I, on my nieces lives, those types of things. At the end of the day I guess that’s what it is. It’s that man up, step up, influence, help influence other young men, other people around you. Just had to share. Love the comments. Keep them coming. I will keep responding to as many as I can as quickly as I can. I hope you all are having a great weekend. A safe weekend. I gotta get back and do something with my boys. This is their time but I had to hop on quick. You all have a great rest of the weekend. Catch you later.