Not My Dirt Road

Hey guys. So, got Brenda on with me now [inaudible 00:00:08]. Just wanted to … we’re in Amsterdam. I got the title of this is “It’s a long way from my dirt road”, right. And so those of you who know me, know I like my dirt road. My dirt road is something I’m comfortable with, and something that’s easy. So we … one of the things I tell people they should do is they need to get out of their comfort zone.

And quite honestly, I think that more men need to be doing stuff for other people. Getting your hands actually dirty with doing something. It just so happens we’re going to Uganda. We’re gonna do some stuff over there with some of the foundations. D. Gary Young owned Young Living Foundation, and their partners, Hope for Justice is one of those, so Hope, Healing Faith, we’re gonna be working with some of those guys over there and doing some things. Getting our hands dirty.

So I just wanted to hop on and encourage you guys to do that. To actually do something. Okay, I know one of the questions … one of the things that’s gonna be said is well I can’t afford to go to Uganda. Well, guess what? You don’t have to go to Uganda. There’s plenty of local organizations that would love somebody that’s willing to get their hands dirty. Whether it’s Habitat for Humanity, or something to do with vets. Spend a little time. Show your kids what it looks like to reach out and help others. To do something for somebody else.

I’m not saying we got it all covered. I’m not saying we know we’re better, or anything like that. It’s just … it’s been a while since we’ve done something like this. And it feels good to be doing it even though it’s not my dirt road. It is outside of my comfort zone. It’d be a lot more comfortable to be waking up in my bed, than sitting in an airport in Amsterdam, getting ready to go to Kangole.

So anyway, I figured not many people are gonna be watching this, because I think back home it’s like … what time is it back home?

Midnight. Past midnight.

Past … a little after midnight I think. Becky’s on. Chris Hill’s on.

What are you guys doing up so late?

Right. James Alexander is on. Geeze, everybody is still up. What the heck guys. Anyway, just wanted to say … stop on say howdy, and just challenge you guys to do that. Find something where you can give back doing something. Get your hands dirty. It’s a good thing to get dirty hands every now and then. Remind you … remind us all, for the most part, how good we really got it. Right. It never hurts to be reminded of that.

Anyway. Alright. That’s all I’ve got guys. Have a good rest of the day. And, that’s right, sleep is overrated James. Yeah, we got plenty of time to sleep when we’re dead, right. Have a great rest of the day guys, and we’ll keep … and we’ll do a few more posts from Uganda and over there and let you guys … what we can post. Let you guys see what we’re doing over there maybe a little bit more. Tell some more of the story. Alright guys. Take care. Catch you later.