Recording Day

Hey everybody, so tonight, if you can’t tell with this awesome, almost looks like a Harley orange behind me, tonight we are actually starting to record a book. Justin’s behind the camera, my main camera man as always and so I’ve got, in the, what do you call it, in the theme of man up, I’ve got all my man up stuff on. I’ve got my grub-style sweatpants, I’ve got my bloods, sweat dries, blood clots, bones heal, man up sweatshirt on. Of course I’ve got my Duck Commander hat, wouldn’t be right without one of my hunting hats on. You know and the time is what Justin, about 9:30 now?

Yeah, 9:05.

9:05. So just after nine o’clock. So one of the things I wanted to, obviously this is what we’re doing tonight. I’m excited. I get to read my own book and be the voice of the book, which excites me. But I wanted to, since I’m on, I wanted to kind of have a little push for what some of this man up stuff is. And many times as men, so this, me recording the book is not a need. We could pay someone to do it. Let’s just face it, we could pay someone with a good voice to sit down and read the book and they could do it. It’s something I want to do. It’s my book, it’s my project and it’s something I want to do.

That being said, there’s other things at home that need to be done first. The boys, they need to be taken care of, my wife, things at home that need to be helped out with, so one of the things I talk about in the book, in Manning Up, is that there’s things that we want for men in our own lives, things that we want to go after, the wants, not the needs. The needs maybe take some sacrifice by other members of the family. Our wants should not necessarily take sacrifices by other members of the family. So my want, reading my own book, comes after everybody else’s needs in the family getting met. So that’s why we’re here at nine o’clock at night. But hey, it’s quiet, we’re going to have a good time and yeah, it’s time to start reading the book and getting the audio part done so everybody knows that there’s going to be an audio part and you get to hear me read my stuff to you. So you all have a good night, I’ll do another video tomorrow night about chapter two of the book and what that means and news about that for a little bit.

But any questions, leave them below, remember if you don’t have your copy yet, reserve your copy because I know they went to printing and there’s only so many until they’ve got to reprint again. Alright guys, have a good night, see you later.