Tide Pod WHAT?!

Because, I asked my kids. I’m like, “Okay, guys, question for you.” We were sitting down having supper the other night. I said, “Have you heard of this?” They were like, “No, I haven’t heard of that Dad.” Okay, great, and we live in a small town. So I asked them, I just said, “All right, let me ask you a question. If your friends said hey, let’s pop a laundry detergent pod or a dishwasher pod.” And I went to the sink and I grabbed one because we had one. I said, if they put one in their mouth and said, “Here you do it too. Let’s see who can chew on it the longest. What are you going to tell them?” My oldest one looks at me and says, “I’m going to tell them to go get bent.” I’m like, “Thank you, Jesus, that we’ve raised smart enough kids. That they understand that huh, that just might not be a smart idea.”

I mean, what happened to the common sense? What happened, okay, what happened to where you used to take a rubber band and see how many times you could flick someone with it, or how long they can handle a snake bite, or a spider bite when we were kids? Okay. Yeah, you might end up with a bruise. You might even end up where you’re bleeding a little bit. But, for crying out loud, you’re not put chemicals in your mouth, that can kill you. That can kill you.

I mean, you might as well have a antifreeze chugging contest next. I mean, I just, I don’t understand it. I don’t get where this is coming from. And as I was thinking about this and processing through it, the only thing I can think of, and I could be wrong. I mean, I’m never 100% right, but I still like to think and try to figure things out. If I see a kid that’s willing to post something on YouTube that inherently, deep down inside they know, they know it’s stupid and they know it’s wrong. I can’t believe that they’re that stupid.

What they need to be doing and what their screaming for in my mind is their screaming for attention. They’re screaming for … If you’re going to put a video of yourself on the internet, chewing on a Tide pod, and dang near throwing up just because of the taste, you’re screaming for … You’re not getting attention. You’re lacking love. You’re lacking affection. You’re lacking discipline. You’re lacking all these different things because someone finds it easier to shove a phone, an iPad or a computer in front of you, or a TV and let them do the parenting. Let that iPad, that phone do the parenting for them because they’re busy.

Now, I get it. This day and age, everybody’s working two jobs just trying to make ends meet because they’re trying to keep up with the damn Jones’s. Now this person’s got a new Audi. Ooh, I gotta get a new Land Rover. This person’s got, you now, they’re going to Cancun for Christmas as a family this year. Well, we better go and do something in Mexico too right? Or somebody got a bigger and better TV, or their kids are getting phones. Their kid got a new iPhone 10 or X or whatever the hell it is.

My kids don’t even have phones yet. And I got 13, 12 and 10. And I guarantee they’re not getting them for a little while longer. There’s no need for it for them. As parents, as fathers, are we paying attention to our kids enough? Or are we letting electronics be that absentee parent? Quite honestly, that’s the … I know, we don’t have an entire generation of stupid kids on our hands. I think we got an entire generation of parents that aren’t taking their job serious.

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