Who knows…who cares?

Hey guys. So, I was out in the shop doing a little bit of my stuff at this point in the day. That’s usually when I think. That’s usually when ideas come. That’s usually when I’m at peaceful place for myself think. So what I’m doing out here, let me see if I can switch this, is washing the bike. Lots of chrome, so now I’m in the process of shining chrome. And just giving it it’s bath. Well here’s the thing. You know I titled the video, the title of this video is Who Knows, Who Cares?

And when you look at this bike, everybody can see, going down the road, you can see the front wheel. You can see all the chrome there. You can see the side. You can see the handlebars, and the controls, and the mirrors. You can see all of that stuff. But what people can’t see going down the road, I got to get down on the creeper to even show it to you, is down here.

Now down here is the same chrome wheel, as up front. But here’s what’s going to happen. If I don’t clean that wheel, I’m going to know. I’m going to know exactly how dirty and what dirt is on that wheel back there. And it got me thinking about what we’re doing as people, as men, in our lives. What dirt is hidden? What dirt are you not taking care of because people just can’t see it? It doesn’t any less dirty, doesn’t make it any less crappy. Doesn’t make it any less difficult to deal with. But we all have it. We all have those dirty spots that because other people can’t see then we’re not cleaning them.

And that’s really part of this whole Man Up thing that is challenging guys to look for those dirty spots. Clean up those dirty spots. Just because nobody else sees them, you still see them. Take ownership of that. I’m going to spend some time now on my back, on my side, underneath some dripping parts of the motorcycle, shining and polishing. And it’s not the funnest job in the world but I know if I don’t clean it, I’ll know going down the road that wheel ain’t clean and that drives me nuts.

So let’s see, the men want to see the bike too. Okay, I showed that at the beginning but let’s show it again. So there’s the front. There’s the back. Here I’ll get up. So here’s the bike. This is my baby. This is the one that I’m lucky enough to clean. So you know hey, I get a chance to shine some chrome. I can’t complain. In fact I kind of enjoy it because it gives me a little bit of time to think, and just shine it.

At the end of the day guy, you know what’s dirty, you know what’s hidden, you know what needs to be cleaned up, you know what you need to take action on. And that’s going to be part of this next week. I’m going to have a little bit more, what is today? Today’s Saturday. Tomorrow night, tomorrow night we’ll release another video. Man Up Week is starting next week, where you actually … I’m going to be challenging a few guys. And I hope you guys are going to be challenging a few guys. Because nothing happens, nobody changes unless we take action. And that’s what I’m going to challenge everybody to do.

So I’m taking action on my bike, cleaning it up, getting that back wheel clean. Because I’ll know it’s dirty if I don’t. And that’s what I’m going to be challenging other guys to do, to look into their lives and see places, not where they need to be perfect. Just where they need to work on to improve. That’s it. Hopefully you guys, you saw my post where I spend a little bit of quality time with the kids today. That’s one of the areas that I needed to Man Up in. I needed to, business and everything else kind of get going and you forget to take some of that time for that. And so that’s the area, tell you what. I don’t ask anybody to do anything I’m not willing to do personally. And that’s an area that I needed to step it up in a little bit this week especially.

So more information to come tomorrow night. We’ll do another live video tomorrow night. And hope you guys are having a great weekend. All right, catch you all later. See ya.