Why Man Up?

Hey everybody. I am gonna do a little video about where Man Up came from and why. Just before the beginning of the year I was challenged by a coach that I had about what I was doing next. I mentioned something about a book idea that I had. He said, “Well, then, when are you doing the book?” I said, “Well, I’ve already got it started. I got a couple thing started on it.” He said, “Well, why aren’t you doing it?” He said, “Now take your time, come up with a good excuse. You do realize that that’s all those are and all that’s gonna come out of your mouth is excuses, right?” I was challenged. I almost had to man up, if you will. I decided okay, I’ll prove you. I’m gonna write the book.

I started writing this book Man Up. It turned into the Man Up Project, and now it’s turned into the Man Up, I really guess kind of a movement, if you will. It’s changed. It’s morphed. It’s become more than just a book with words. It’s kind of become a mission, if you will. Here’s one thing that somebody said: “If you won’t, who will?” For me, that really spoke volumes, and it challenged me in the fact that I watched what guys were doing and it irritated me, and I didn’t like it. Yet, I was comfortable to sit and to enjoy the life that my wife and I had created … really comfortable to do that. It’s a lot easier to sit out in my shop where I’ve got my tools, and I can enjoy that, and spend time with my boys, and do that type of thing. That’s a lot easier. What’s not easy to take a stand and say, “Okay, I’m gonna do something about it.” That’s really what I’m trying to do and why I want other guys, who I think, I know what manning up is, to join me and to show other guys, young men, what that looks like.

That’s really what it is in a nutshell, kind of why and how it came about. You can see it on the side of the trailer. That was when we out to Utah for our company’s convention and we raised $150,000.00 plus for rebuilding the [inaudible 00:02:54] which quite proud of everybody that rode with us. But yeah, that’s the Man Up piece. That’s really what it is. It’s men being men, being okay with being men, reclaiming that manhood that everybody seems to be trying to take away from us, and being okay with being a guy.

If you’ve got questions, wondering what it’s about, more in depth types of questions, post them below. I’d love to answer them. I’d love to talk to you. Alright guys, have a good night. Catch you all later.