You Can’t Do Everything, Pick Something

You Can’t Do Everything, Pick Something

I just got done staining some posts for a pergola that I’m building for my wife. Not just for her: for us, for the family, for family and friends to enjoy when everybody comes over. I gotta make sure I choose my words correctly.

And I got to thinking … You know, I get frustrated with the process that it takes when doing this type of project. I had to stain the 2x12s that are gonna be the main supports across from post to post, and then I had to stain the posts that I put in the ground last year, and then I got to wait till I can get those stringers up before I can stain the 2x4s and then put them up.

And it got me thinking a little bit about wanting to get everything done at once. It’s kind like when we as men are trying to improve ourselves and we get frustrated that the process is taking too long, or some people may get overwhelmed at the amount of things they need to work on or change.

You know, it got me thinking about picking something and just doing that, focusing on that one thing. We can’t always do everything. As much as we’d like to, as much as we would hope to be able to do as much as we can as quickly as we can, we can’t do everything at once, so we need to pick something and do it.

Pick that one thing … Let’s call it your chicken list. Pick the thing that scares you the most …

Jack of all trades, master of one, right? Exactly, Chris.

Pick that one thing that scares you the most that you’ve been putting off doing, whether that’s being a better father; whether it’s being a better husband; whether it’s being … more attention to your occupation, your field, whatever that may be; whether it’s you’ve been neglecting your friends, pick one of those things.

Don’t overwhelm yourself and don’t think that you have to be perfect with everything all at once; it doesn’t work that way. And I can guarantee you this: the thing that usually happens with something like that is we end up failing because we get overwhelmed and we try to accomplish everything excellent, and we end up accomplishing maybe a couple of things kind of half-assed, if you will. Pick that one thing and do it really, really well.

That’s just kind of a short one tonight. It just got me thinking …

Good morning from Australia. Warren, dude, nice to have you join us from Australia. Very cool. [Verickson 00:03:03] too? Sweet, guys.

Just something that … Because I hate painting and I hate … I shouldn’t say “hate.” I abhor staining. I abhor painting. It’s not fun for me. Some people love that stuff. That just drives me absolutely bat-crazy. So I was thinking the whole time about trying to get it all done at once and not being able to get it done fast enough. So pick one thing, guys. Pick one thing, try and be a little bit better at it. Again, if you strive for perfection we’re always gonna fall a little bit short, which is okay, but …

I got some exciting things next week, and I don’t really know how much … Did you guys realize that there’s a National MAN UP Week? You didn’t realize that, but … Yeah. So we’re gonna play off that and have some fun, and maybe some cool prizes and some challenges, if you will.

Here’s the deal. All the videos are great. Like Warren: “Thanks. Thanks, I love these videos.” I enjoy doing these videos, but at the same point, if nothing is changing for people I’ve gotta better things to do than just to sit here on Facebook. I mean, I do Facebook because I know I should, not because I like to. I mean, I’m just being honest, right? I’m not a Facebook kind of guy necessarily. But I really do want people to … and especially men … to attempt to do something different, to do something better. They’re in a spot in life that I can’t improve on. I know that for a fact, and I’m highly doubtful that there isn’t a spot that every other guy out there can’t improve on either.

So yeah. So next week, got some cool things coming.

So hopefully it hits you, these little videos. If you guys want to see anything in particular, let me know. Love to chat about anything that you guys want to chat about.

But yeah, pick one thing. Don’t try and do everything. Just pick one thing and try and change that first, and you’ll be amazed at the progress you make when you just focus on that one thing.

All right, guys. Remember, And the book, if you haven’t got it … if you have got it, share it with others that you think they may like it, they may benefit from it. It may challenge them. That’s the reason for the book, is to challenge: to challenge me, to hopefully challenge you with a peek into my failures, my challenges that I had, and how different men in my life helped me overcome some of the things that I needed to overcome.

So, all right, guys. Have a great night. I’ll talk to y’all later. See ya’.