Don’t Be Afraid

Well, happy Sunday morning everybody. This morning, you know, many times as I’m sure many of you in life … as certain things happen in life, certain things cause us to pause, take some time and think, right? Those instances in life where we start to reassess maybe where we’re at, where we’ve come from, where we’re going, the people in our lives, those types of things. Today, we in a little while, we are heading up to a friend’s ranch to lay him to rest. That caused a little bit … last night we were sitting down, some of us who knew him well were sitting having some supper together.

One of the things that I wanna talk about is what came of that conversation. There’s certain people that come into your life that effect you, that effect you either for the positive or even for the negative, right? I think that’s why the thing I wanna … the title of this is Don’t Be Afraid. The thing that we should not be afraid of, as men or as anybody really, is relationships.

That’s really what this whole post is about, is the importance of relationships. It’s the importance of who we surround ourselves with. Fortunately, the man, the friend that we’re laying to rest today, changed the future of our family for the better. Because of the hard work that he did, because of the persistence, the drive, he gave us the opportunity to do something, to go for something ourselves, to achieve something ourselves.

As we were talking last night, one of the things we talked about was what was the … so, in our business, our business sells products. We were talking about the most important product that our company has. Now, our company does essential oils and other natural health products. The most important product that our company has is the people. It’s those relationships that because of our association with it, has allowed us to have. Has allowed us to grow. Each and every one of you here, the majority of you, that’s a piece of that relationship that we’re able to have.

Our church has a motto, and we love our motto. We kind of stole it a little bit. We use it regularly. So Jim, sorry, but we do, because it’s good. When you hear a truth, it’s like King Solomon, he’s one of the most wisdom filled people in history. The slogan is this, life is all about relationships, the rest is just details. That’s really what it is. We have relationships in our lives that will move us forward, that will impact us in a positive way. We have relationships in our lives that can pull us back, that can effect us in a negative way.

The relationships that we choose to have are going to effect the course of our life. They’re going to effect the trajectory of our life and not only that, they have the possibility of effecting the trajectory of our children’s lives, if you have children. So, today, I was just thinking. As we’re getting ready to … sorry.

As we’re getting ready to head up the mountain, as men don’t … don’t be afraid of relationships. They can suck when they end. But the good ones will effect you even after that relationship is “done”. Truly, the most important thing in life are relationships with our family, our relationships with our co-workers, our extended family, our friends.

Those relationships and what we put into them determine everything. I talk about it as men, but as humans, look at the relationships you have. Never stop assessing who is around you, who you are letting pour into you and who you are pouring into. There’s gonna be times when you have relationship that you pour into that may not be pouring as much into you and that’s what we do. There’s gonna be times when you have people in your life that pour more into you than pour into them. Be grateful for them.

Be grateful for the relationships you have. Be grateful for those people that take the time to pour into the relationship with you. And do the same thing back. At the end of the day, like I said, the best product that our company has is the people. Is the relationships that we’ve been able to form.

We sat around the table with people from all over the world last night. How lucky are we there. Foster, cultivate those relationships. Be present in those relationships and don’t be afraid of them. That’s all I got today guys. I hope you all have a great Sunday. I know I will. See you all later.