Hey guys. So been a while since I’ve been on. Today I wanted to just come on real quick, this isn’t gonna be a long one. We’re out in Utah, and we’re gonna celebrate the life of a man who really changed the dynamics of our family, because of his persistence and his drive and his friendship, it literally changed the direction and dynamics of what our family was doing.

And what got me thinking about this is I did a radio interview, oh boy, two or three weeks ago. And the interviewer was really pushing hard on men and their feelings. Should men talk about their feelings more? Should men share their feelings more? And part of the interview felt like he was trying to catch me on something. He was trying to, with this “Man Up” thing, is it this just men stuffing their emotions and just sucking it up? And by the time we got to the end of the interview, I think he understood what it was that I was pushing for, and that I thought “Manning up” meant.

And when it comes to these feelings, as men, it is important for us to express our feelings. The difference here, though, is this. Tantrums are not expressing your feelings, tantrum’s a tantrum. That’s not maturity. Expressing your feelings happens in the right way, at the right time, with the right tone. And as men together, let’s face it. For those of us that are married, our wives are one of our best friends, and there’s a bond and a sharing that happens between us that doesn’t happen anywhere else.

But even though they are a wife, or a spouse, they may not understand us as men, where we’re coming from completely. Just like we can’t understand, we’re not in their mind. So there is a benefit of being able to have male friends that you can share these feelings with. There’s other men that I know that knew this gentleman, this friend that we’re saying good-bye to this day. And being able to talk about those things with them is important. Being able to show our sons what it means and what it looks like for men to talk about how they feel in the right way.

Now it doesn’t mean you have to cry at every cat that comes across the internet, right? But it does mean that we need to be open and vulnerable enough to share how we really feel. We can’t expect people to guess on who we are and what we are, we need to be able to express that in a mature and open way.

So I’m gonna challenge you. Today, I’ll probably shed a tear, and that’s okay as men, that we shed tears. It’s not something you’ve gotta repress and shove so deep down inside that you become an absolute prick, right? So don’t be afraid to share your feelings. Find other men that you can be that open and honest with, and vulnerable with, that will understand you and support you where you’re at.

That’s all I’ve got today, guys. Hope you guys have a great rest of the week, and a great weekend. We’ll catch you later.