So here I am again, jeesh, twice in one day, what the heck, eh. Now I just sounded like I was from Canada for all my Canadian friends. I had mentioned something in the last video about the manifesto and one other thing that we were going to do. So going into the holiday season, I want to give some more stuff away. One of the things that we’re going to do is, in the back of the book on page 161, one thing I hate doing is, I hate reading where there isn’t action or it’s not spurring me to do something. So that’s why in the back of the book we’ve put in the Man Up Manifesto and what that is, is it’s a declaration of sorts, a public declaration. It’s you, or in this case, me, declaring what it is I’m going to do and why I’m going to do it.

Hey, Dave. How you doing from Florida? Good to see you, buddy.

So, what’s going to happen is, I’m going to try to … there it is … I’m going to show you guys something. There’s a couple of different places. In the book, on page 161, there is the Man Up Manifesto. Woops, where did it go? So then you go over to page 162, here’s the important part. It has a place for you to sign and witnesses because, here’s the thing I do know, without witnesses and without accountability, nothing really happens and that’s what this is for. Now, if you go to … I’m going to show you on the computer here It’s online as well, you can actually download it and print it off on like some old school cool parchment paper-type looking stuff. Justin, my guy that does all of our audio/video stuff, he’s an awesome dude, he got that. Here, let me put this back in its rightful spot so I don’t look like I’ve got … otherwise it kind of looks like I’ve got Parkinson’s with the camera shaking.

That’s what this is for. One thing I want to do is … anybody that is serious about this, has read the book, it aligns with them, they say yeah, this is, the stuff in this book, one or two chapters … all of the book, whatever it is, it aligns with me and I want to do better, be better for myself, for my family, sign the manifesto, post on this Facebook page the picture of your signature and the manifesto and a little bit about why you did it and then what I’ll do is; I will message you and get your shirt size, I’ll send everybody whose willing to do that … And here’s the thing, let’s do it this way too, instead of putting it on this page, put it on your personal Facebook page, one more step of accountability, right. And those who know me, know I like to challenge people.

Put it on your personal Facebook page, tag me that you’ve signed the manifesto with a picture of it and then I’ll message you and we’ll get a tee shirt sent out to you, a Man Up tee shirt or two, see how generous I’m feeling when this all goes down. I want guys doing and being the most they can be for themselves, being the best version of them and this is part of it. Part of it is actually saying, yeah, I’m gonna and then making it known that you are going to so people hold you to it.

All right guys. Hopefully this resonates with you. I can’t wait to see the posts and the tags and start sending off some free stuff. All right, guys. Have a good rest of the week. See ya.