Stand Up or Step Aside

We all have certain phrases or things we say on a regular basis. Some may call it a verbal quirk, some a catch phrase, or some a reminder of sorts.

For me, the phrase, “Stand Up or Step Aside” is a mix of all three. It does represent some of my verbal quirkiness – it is kind of a catch phrase. Most importantly though, it is a reminder. It comes from a quote by Alexander Hamilton, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

When it comes to the things that should be important to us in our lives, i.e.; family, friends, faith, jobs etc., we need to be willing to put a line in the sand that will not be crossed. This line can be conceptual or actual and can be one that we are not willing to cross or one we will not let others cross.

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” – Alexander Hamilton

The point is, people in our lives are looking for someone to stand up, someone with strong conviction, someone to support them when they need it, someone to cheer them on, someone to protect and guide them, and someone to discipline from a place of love. As men, we really have only two options in how we show up in life. We can either choose to Stand Up or we need to Step Aside and make room for someone else who is willing to Stand Up.

I mean really think about it. In every situation we come across, one of these two choices must be made. Even when no conscious choice is made you have unconsciously made the choice to step aside. Does this mean we must go it alone and not seek input or advice from other men, mentors or maybe even our wives? If that was the case it would mean we were omnipotent (all knowing) and I only know of one miracle worker who truly was/is, and the last time I tried walking on water, the only thing I got was wet.

Sometimes when you see a man in the act of  “Standing Up,” what you don’t see behind him is all the other people propping him up allowing him to be that rock, for whoever needs it at the time. It really is time to stop apologizing for who we were created to be…that hardwired genetic code that makes us not magically superior, but wonderfully different. It is time as men to Stand Up and stop Stepping Aside!