Who the… What the… Why the…?!

So for those of you who might remember, I did a rant on Facebook Live a while back during the election. There was an instance where a “man” attacked a female reporter and punched her – and I talked about how that made my blood boil and irritated me…to say the least. 

So in the live video, I had said I would be talking more on this subject, and I’ve done some thinking since then. The reason is that this piece, this subject matter, concerns me.

I’m raising three boys of my own, and as I have been raising them, I’ve been watching them, their peers, watching how other young, “men-in-training”, appear to be acting. And not only that but how other supposed “men” act right now. Because to be honest with you, it’s concerning to me. At times it’s been appalling to me, it’s maddened me, even to the point where I’m about to lose my religion.

And I got to thinking – the only way this is going to change or be any different is if someone or some people take a stand for what is right and what isn’t.  

What does it look like for a man to be a man? And honestly, that’s one of the things I’m going to explore moving forward – what it looks like to be a real man. It’s not what you do that makes you a real man, it’s who you are. It’s about being more than just the whole big chainsaw. Do you change your own oil? Do you ride a motorcycle? Did you build your own house?

No. It’s so much more than that.

So those are the kind of things I’ll be looking into a bit deeper and exploring more. I want to be part of the change, and I realized it’s time that I stop sitting on the sidelines – pissing and moaning about it all and that I actually do something about it.     

Hopefully, if this subject matter resonates with you and you agree with me, I’d love to have you join me and listen in and contribute to the conversation. I’d love you to be a part of taking back what it means to be a man and not being ashamed of it.